Denied Entry to USA on ESTA VISA (2019)

October 12, 2019

I had booked flights from Sweden to Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Houston and then to Cancun, Mexico within the 3 months that I was granted a ESTA visa. The immigration officers in Los Angeles thought it was strange that I wanted to stay in the US for 3 months then go to Mexico. They were really suspicious as to why I would go to Mexico. I wanted to Travel in South America after my time in the US, but they thought I was going to work in the US then go to Mexico and try to “sneak in” to the US again. The border agents in the USA can do whatever they want to you and the law doesn’t matter. I was denied entry to the US and lost all the money I had paid for the flights and my trip.

4 thoughts on “Denied Entry to USA on ESTA VISA (2019)

  1. David Dacus says:

    You’re really handsome sorry this happened to you

    1. William Taudien says:

      thanks 😛

  2. Drickspel. com says:

    Wtf…. Thats just insane…. Cant understand how this can happen in 2019.

    1. William Taudien says:

      “The land of the free” is not so free

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